Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/23)


    Sometimes a massive new song gets posted right after we’ve finished our roundup of the week’s best new tracks. It might seem like we’ve forgotten something (*cough* Adele *cough*) but stick with us — that just means we’ve got a whole week to spend with that song before it’s eligible for the next countdown. In the meantime, we’ve still got plenty of earworms and high-energy jams ready to take you into the weekend, ranging from Danny L. Harle’s brainy PC Music to Savages’ heartfelt post-punk.

    10. Merlyn Wood – “Lazy Wood”

    Merlyn Wood

    Treading the path of countless adolescent males before him, Austin’s Merlyn Wood is working through the sexual frustrations of the day with his latest release. Although carrying the “Lazy Wood” title, Wood is keen enough to construct a near repetition-free narrative instead of resting on a few unintelligible 16s across a cut-and-paste club beat. Keeping the city and its newest hip-hop collective, the Brockhamton crew, extra weird is JOBA, whose twisted samples push out enough bass to keep the haze circulating. –Derek Staples

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