Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/23)


    Sometimes a massive new song gets posted right after we’ve finished our roundup of the week’s best new tracks. It might seem like we’ve forgotten something (*cough* Adele *cough*) but stick with us — that just means we’ve got a whole week to spend with that song before it’s eligible for the next countdown. In the meantime, we’ve still got plenty of earworms and high-energy jams ready to take you into the weekend, ranging from Danny L. Harle’s brainy PC Music to Savages’ heartfelt post-punk.

    10. Merlyn Wood – “Lazy Wood”

    Merlyn Wood

    Treading the path of countless adolescent males before him, Austin’s Merlyn Wood is working through the sexual frustrations of the day with his latest release. Although carrying the “Lazy Wood” title, Wood is keen enough to construct a near repetition-free narrative instead of resting on a few unintelligible 16s across a cut-and-paste club beat. Keeping the city and its newest hip-hop collective, the Brockhamton crew, extra weird is JOBA, whose twisted samples push out enough bass to keep the haze circulating. –Derek Staples

    09. Danny L. Harle – “Forever”

    Broken Flowers EP 1400x1400

    In just two years, PC Music has evolved from scrappy Soundcloud hive to Columbia-backed powerhouse, a move that many of its followers have anticipated for some time now. The UK producers’ pristine hyper-pop seemed aimed at broad channels from the start, but the first single to emerge from the collective since it got absorbed into one of the majors adheres to PC Music’s brainier side. “Forever” comes from Danny L. Harle’s forthcoming debut EP, Broken Flowers, and while it trickles with lovesick bubblegum vocals, it never leaves enough space for a traditional hook to solidify. Harle marries pop shimmer with his mutant production flair — a hopeful sign that PC Music will get to hold onto the more unnerving side of their collective personality even as they expand their reach. –Sasha Geffen


    08. Tale of Us – “Silent Space”

    Tale of Us Silent Space

    Without ever relinquishing traction to that hypnotizing minimal techno pulse, Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte, known collectively as Tale of Us, slice “Silent Space” with the agitated synths most commonly associated with IDM. To balance that mechanical intensity, the duo bring in the harmonious tones of the bassoon. The oncoming echoes of a warning siren are nearly maddening, but as it aligns with the organic repetition, the tones welcome in the fatigued spirits of the early morning dance floor. It’s in that momentary break from the self-induced bedlam that one discovers this deceptive “Silent Space”.  Find yours November 11th via R&S Records. –Derek Staples

    07. jennylee – “never”

    jennylee warpaint mia kirby Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/23)

    jennylee is the solo project of Warpaint bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg, who usually does backing vocals in her main band if she sings at all. So, it’s refreshing to hear Lindberg really stretch her voice in “never”, the first single from right on!, a 10-song collection out December 11th via Rough Trade. In this loose track that sounds like it sprung from a cozy studio with little pressure and lots of friends, Lindberg alternates between singing, drawling and wailing lyrics like “Not for you, not for them, not for all the things that make me feel bad.” The words are opaque and hazy, but by singing them over and over, Lindberg affirms her independence of anything or anyone who thought they could keep her pinned down. –Karen Gwee


    06. Eluvium – “Confessor”


    About six years ago, Portland composer/ambient soundscapist Eluvium put out a box set collecting just about everything he’d ever released, called Life Through Bombardment. And as if that lovely bombardment weren’t enough, the man born Matthew Cooper is releasing a sequel, containing the six years of material since. That includes the stunning and previously unreleased “Confessor”, which is a bombardment in and of itself. Layers of piano, strings, and more wash over like a stunning formation of clouds, the track building and dissipating over nearly five minutes. Life Through Bombardment Vol. 2 can be yours on December 18th via Temporary Residence. –Adam Kivel

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