Casket Girls share spine-chilling new song “Deep Time” — listen

Eerie pop single taps into geological time theory and secret family histories

Deep Time

    In the 18th century, Scottish geologist James Hutton developed the deep time theory. It not only proposed that the Earth was much older than previously thought, but it also touched on humankind’s inability to comprehend the millions of years that came before us. Fast forward to the 21st century, and Savannah, Georgia’s Casket Girls are revisiting this theory with otherworldly results.

    The Greene sisters have delved into the eerie since their 2013 self-titled debut. However, their horror pop vibes came to a head as they began working on material for their split EP with Stardeath and White Dwarfs, What Keeps You Up At Night, out November 27th via Graveface Records to coincide with Record Store Day’s Black Friday. Now they’re sharing their serendipitous story with their new song “Deep Time”.

    “Outside of my sister and my eternal obsession with the collective unconscious, we really didn’t know what this song was about until after we wrote it,” Elsa Greene tells Consequence of Sound. “We had the concept of deep time in mind, and the rest came to be in a stream of consciousness fashion. Then literally the evening of the very day it was written, our cousin told us a story about our deceased great-grandfather that chilled us to the bone. We had basically written the song from the perspective of his lifelong mistress that we had no idea even existed until that evening. It’s moments like these that keep the fire burning.”


    Their blend of beyond the grave histories and scientific theories comes to a head with the brooding track. Clanking drums sputter beneath swirling netherworld synthesizers as the Greene sisters sing about the fated lovers and seeking a way out of deep time. It’s utterly creepy and comforting at the same time, embracing the unfathomable while finding something familiar and familial in the process. It’s the embodiment of the group’s ghostly aesthetics, ascending to something greater than itself.

    Listen in below.

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