The So So Glos stay focused on rowdy new single “A.D.D. Life” — listen

A preview of the Brooklyn rockers' forthcoming album, Kamikaze

    Photo by Philip Cosores

    The So So Glos kept a pretty low profile for most of last year, emerging out of their Bay Ridge, Brooklyn neighborhood to collaborate with Titus Andronicus and tour with Desaparecidos. The punk rockers have much bigger plans for 2016, however: This spring, they’re expected to return with a new album called Kamikaze.

    The follow-up to 2013’s Blowout is “an angrier and more direct record than anything we’ve put forward before,” the band tells Vulture. “We’ve turned up the contrast, making the darks darker, the lights lighter, the loud louder, and the quiet quieter.”

    To preview this more straightfoward approach, the So So Glos have unveiled lead single “A.D.D. Life”. As its title implies, the song is an anthemic rally against today’s technology-obsessed society, and its inability to concentrate on any one given thing. (Guilty as charged: I’m making dinner plans over text while drafting this post.)


    Stream it below.

    Frontman Alex Levine offered some additional context on the track:

    “We were out the door of the scene. Suddenly, I had trouble breathing, trouble concentrating. Blood pressure was HIGH, times were LOW. Panic attacked. There were too many things to look at, people to go, places to meet. In the absence of anything tangible, I touched my telephone to feel something, but I didn’t make a call and no one was on the line. I saw a sign that said ‘post no bills.’ I’m thinking, I’m post-everything. We live the A.D.D. Life. There’s too much information, and we’re all having trouble focusing.”