Marilyn Manson covers the hell out of David Bowie’s “Cat People” — listen

The Pale Emperor reimagines Let's Dance track for new tribute album to producer Giorgio Moroder

Marilyn Manson

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    Countach (For Giorgio) is the new of a new Giorgio Moroder tribute album in which outlaw country rocker Shooter Jennings and a variety of other musicians cover disco legend’s classic tracks. Today, Jennings has shared perhaps the most illogically amazing song on the album, a cover of David Bowie and Moroder’s “Cat People” sung by none other than shock rocker Marilyn Manson.

    “Cat People” is the Golden Globe-nominated theme song to Paul Schrader’s 1982 horror-fantasy film of the same name. Bowie would later re-record the track for 1983’s Let’s Dance, but Jennings and Manson stay truer to the cinematic version for their rendition. They’ve added some eerie, country fiddle and a stomping piano part, and Manson actually does a pretty incredible impression of what Bowie would’ve sounded like if he’d had a psycho-killer phase.

    Jennings told Rolling Stone that Manson had inadvertently been practicing for this cover for years. “I invited him out to a party at this bar, and I said, ‘Hey, you know ‘Cat People’? You want to do that song on this record, ’cause you’d sound awesome doing it,'” Jennings recounted to Rolling Stone. “And he was like, ‘I sing that song every night before I go onstage. That’s my song I warm up to.’ So one night I went over to his house at three in the morning and brought all my recording gear.” They knocked out the vocal performance in just one take.


    Take a listen to the serendipitous track below.

    Countach (For Giorgio) will be released on vinyl on February 26th. A digital release follows on March 11th.

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