Top 10 Songs of the Week (2/5)

Not too busy renaming Kanye's new album? Check out some new tunes


    While Yeezy considers yet another name change for his upcoming record, our search continues for the best new tracks from across the globe. These artists might not be grabbing the same headlines or helping generate viral Twitter hashtags, but we still think the offerings are more than worthy of broader attention! And we would be remiss if we didn’t send our condolences to the family, friends, and fans of another lost legend, Earth, Wind & Fire founder Maurice White. To Mr. White: A man who made the music industry a much more inclusive environment for artists from all walks of life!

    10. Merzbow – “Goloka Pt. 2”

    boris merzbow

    Prepare your ears! We’re getting more music from the amazing collaboration of metal vets Boris and noise legend Merzbow. The hitch this time? They’re putting out a disc each, and you’re supposed to play them both at the same time to see how they link up. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying each half on their own, as seen with the first taste of Boris’ contribution: “Goloka Pt. 2”. The piece is a soupy brain-scrambler to be sure, full of squealing feedback, chopped analog synths, and layers and layers of the kind of noise that sounds like it was recorded at the bottom of an operating blender. Listen to all that glorious mess paired with a Boris drone on Gensho when it drops March 18 via Relapse.  –Adam Kivel


    09. Lushlife feat. Ariel Pink – “Hong Kong (Lady of Love)”

    lushlife ritualize Top 10 Songs of the Week (2/5)

    Lushlife’s collab with Ariel Pink, “Hong Kong (Lady of Love)”, is a stroll through the questionably calm interiors of a dystopian metropolis. Bred in Philadelphia, the producer/rapper has spent his youth regularly traversing such environments; his vocals are now honed as an incendiary counterpoint to the track’s muted dynamics and Pink’s hushed delivery. Here, Lushlife represents a powerful presence cast against an otherwise desolate environment, but one where surprises lurk within the prevailing darkness. Secure “Hong Kong (Lady in Love)” when Ritualize drops 2/19 via Western Vinyl. –Derek Staples

    08. Deftones – “Prayers/Triangles”



    Deftones fans have been waiting a long time for Gore, which finally comes out April 8th via Warner Bros. With the release of early taste “Prayers/Triangles”, Chino Moreno and co. appear to be on the right track to sating all that demand. The grandiose, slow-burning anthem swirls and pummels in equal turn, building to a sky-cracking crescendo. “Triangles laced in your mind/ You’ll never be free,” they repeat. It might take me a little while to pick out the meaning of the track, but maybe it’s an Illuminati thing? Or, you know, maybe I should just get back into those massive riffs. Yeah. Sounds better. –Adam Kivel


    07. Bent Shapes – “Realization Hits”

    Bent Shapes

    Boston band Bent Shapes’ latest track, “Realization Hits”, takes some time to process. This meditation on creating art for money and contemporary survival in general recalls early Frank Turner in its self-aware eloquence and the sheer volume of thoughtful lyrics that make it impossible to catch everything on first listen. Nevertheless, some lines are so sharp they jump out at you immediately (“Conscripted into cultural wars/ For proxy to proxy on the venue floor”) and others reveal themselves the more you return to it. “Realization Hits” is the second single off Bent Shapes’ upcoming album, Wolves of Want, out March 11 via Slumberland Records. –Karen Gwee

    06. Holy Ghost – “Crime Cutz”

    holy ghost new ep 2016 Top 10 Songs of the Week (2/5)

    Holy Ghost!’s first original offering since 2013, the Crime Cutz EP title track takes a fortuitous route before settling into a glitched-out funk groove. Working its way through a dark ambiance, “Crime Cutz” seems to arrive from a galaxy where disco balls and light-up dance floors have totally replaced dimly lit cubicles. The brilliant synth melodies and angular rhythms shake loose those off-white walls and open up the spaces to collective exuberance and even some subtle gospel spirituality. We anticipate you doing the same this afternoon. The EP drops via DFA Records April 29th–Derek Staples



    05. Banned Books – “Fuselage”

    Banned Books

    The word “fuselage” means the main body of an aircraft that accommodates the crew and passengers or cargo. It seems like a strange title for any song not about aviation, but in the case of Banned Books, it feels apt. Airplanes’ exteriors take a terrific beating from the elements when in flight, but inside they’re muted and carpeted in an attempt at calm for the humans on board. On the latest single from their self-titled debut, the Philadelphia noise rock band weld harsh, pounding guitar lines with soothing vocals and tinkling melodies. Thanks to a steady bass line and blips of burbling synth, they never lose control of the dynamic. Banned Books drops February 23 on Ramp Local. –Karen Gwee

    04. Future – “Fly Shit Only”


    Future just dropped the Purple Reign, and the dude’s already got a full new album ready to drop this weekend. Future’s got a work ethic to be envious of, and early taste “Fly Shit Only” suggests that all that hard work hasn’t resulted in a decrease in quality. Chiming guitars signal the album-closing track’s entrance, and as a lifelong Chicago Bulls fanatic, I gotta say that it reminds me just enough of the Windy City team’s entrance music to picture Future soaring with Jordan. He proceeds to drop some lines about living lavish, counting fettuccine, and all the other fly shit he does — including, hopefully one day, getting to “fuck in the bank.” Now that’s a dream. EVOL, Future’s new LP, drops tomorrow. –Adam Kivel

    03. Into It. Over It. – “Required Reading”

    evan weiss into it over it new album standards Top 10 Songs of the Week (2/5)

    So, there was a lot of controversy in the so-called “emo revival.” Was any of that new music really “emo”? Is that why people were upset? Or was it that emo had never really gone away, so how could it revive? Well, regardless of #GenreDisputes, a lot of great music got stuck under that umbrella, and some of the best came from Into It. Over It. and Evan Weiss. The latest sample is the gorgeously affecting “Required Reading”. The polyrhythmic guitars and hushed vocals fall in line with emo biggies American Football, opening with subtle piano lightness and exploding into full-throated, shout-along expression. Into It. Over It.’s new album, Standards, is expected sometime next month. –Adam Kivel

    02. Animal Collective – “Lying in the Grass”

    Animal Collective


    “Lying in the Grass” should be an effortless, relaxing affair. This new single from Animal Collective is anything but. But since when did we expect anything from AnCo to fit within expectations?  After debuting their forthcoming LP, Painting With (out February 19th via Domino Records), on loop at a Baltimore airport in November, “Lying in the Grass” was premiered through a custom app that literally allows the user to paint with someone in real time anywhere around the world. It just might be a bit difficult to concentrate on the collaborative visual work when attempting to make sense of the track’s layered didgeridoo synth, broken lyricism, psychedelic harmonies, sporadic horns, and uplifting indie pop. Go ahead, get lost and see what comes out the other side! –Derek Staples


    01. The Rapperchicks feat. Gangsta Boo – “Rules and Regulations”


    It’s hard as hell trying to forge your path in a tough industry where you’re a glaring minority, but there’s also no better experience to fuel your art. Just ask The Rapperchicks, whose new single, “Rules and Regulations”, condenses all that dogged frustration into a gleeful and empowering hook: “Rules and regulations got me feelin’ liiiiike/ Fuck it though, fuck it though, fuck it though!” Chicago MCs Angelenah, Fluffy, and Psalm One (aka Hologram Kizzie) all lay down urgent verses brimming with personality and memorable bars over explosive production by Denver-based producer and DJ Ill-Esha. Gangsta Boo’s guest verse — which nods to her great Run the Jewels collab “Love Again” — is the cherry on top of a colorful, confident cake. Their debut, Shitty Punk Album, is out in March. —Karen Gwee

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