Win a year subscription to Vinyl Me, Please plus their 2015 record collection

That's 12 vinyl LPs to add to your collection, and 12 more over the next year


    There’s something about getting a new piece of vinyl that just makes a music fan happy. Whether it’s a classic record or a brand new release, holding that 12-inch record in your hands is as much part of the experience as dropping the needle on the turntable. That’s why record of the month club and now exclusive store Vinyl Me, Please is giving one lucky winner a chance to win their 2015 record collection plus a free year-long membership to Vinyl Me, Please for 2016! That means twelve records immediately added to your collection, another twelve throughout the year, and all the exclusive content your little heart desires straight from the Vinyl Me, Please member store!

    Albums included in the 2015 collection include Wilco’s A.M., Hot Chip’s In Our Heads, Torres’ Sprinter, Menomena’s Friend & Foe, and a limited edition version of J Dilla’s classic Donuts. And that’s not even half of the amazing records that could all be yours, with the mystery of what’s coming this year still to look forward to.

    Even if you don’t win, we’ve got something else for you! Want to try the Crate for free for a month and see whats in the Vinyl Me, Please store? Vinyl Me, Please is giving CoS readers one free month of access to their exclusive online store Crate — and  free shipping on any records you want using the code Coscrate at

    Take a closer look at  some of the exclusive records they are doing to create a Record Store Day type of experience every month, and learn how you can get these records delivered right to your doorstep each month with our interview with Vinyl Me, Please.


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