Justin Bieber continues his assault on Kurt Cobain’s legacy by performing inside a heart-shaped box

Apparently Bieber didn't get the memo that impersonating the Nirvana frontman makes him look like a total asshat

Bieber Heart Shaped Box

    Apparently Justin Bieber didn’t get the memo that impersonating Kurt Cobain makes him look like a total asshat. As was the case in Seattle last week, Tuesday night’s show in Sacramento saw Bieber wearing a whole lot of flannel, donning ripped blue jeans, and styling his hair akin to the Nirvana rocker. However, his desecration of Cobain didn’t end there, as he also made a not-so-subtle reference to Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” by performing inside a clear box imprinted with a hand-drawn heart. To add to your queasiness, remember Courtney Love has said “Heart-Shaped Box” was written about her vagina, so technically, Bieber was inside — uh, you get the picture.

    Watch footage of Bieber inside his heart-shaped box below (via Alternative Nation).


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