Nondescript pop punk band, desperate for publicity, dropkicks a girl off stage

The Story So Far frontman Parker Cannon is full of great ideas

Story So Far

    In 2007, Parker Cannon, Kelen Capener, Kevin Geyer, William Levy, and Ryan Torf inexplicably decided to form a pop punk band despite the fact people stopped giving a shit about pop punk bands five years prior. For the last decade, The Story So Far has been muddling along, doing irrelevant things like touring with Bowling For Soup and playing the Warped Tour.

    Over the weekend, the band’s desperation for relevancy reached a boiling point, as lead singer Cannon decided it would be super badass to dropkick a female in the back. The female fan had climbed onstage during the band’s encore, seemingly with the intention of taking a selfie, which is pretty douchy thing to do. But no where near as douchy as potentially paralyzing a person by kicking them in the spine so that they fall off stage. It’s the type of dumb shit one would do in high school — or, as member of a pop punk band whose target fanbase matured a decade ago.