Stream Deftones’ new album Gore, watch their video for “Prayers/Triangles”

Hard rockers return with their eighth studio album

    On Friday, Deftones released their new album, Gore, through Reprise Records. Spotify users can stream it in full below. It’s also available over on Apple Music.

    Gore serves as the long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s Koi No Yokan and the band’s eighth overall. the 11-song tracklist includes “Prayers/Triangles”, “Doomed User”, and “Hearts/Wires”.

    Frontman Chino Moreno discussed the group’s approach to writing and recording in an interview with Noisey:

    “I think with every record we kinda try to expand a little bit on what we did last and at the same time try to maintain what it is that we do. Sonically it’s a little different. Our gear, that was one thing that was a little different. Everybody sorta took up a different sonic space on certain parts of this record. The songs themselves, the structure and things like that, we spent a little bit more time refining. The last couple records were pretty much written and recorded in a small frame of time. This one, we branched out into a year process of these really quick little spurts of writing. Like, eight to ten days of locking ourselves in a room and everybody going home for a month or two and coming back. Doing that was cool because we got to reflect on ideas and tweak em and refine things a little more.”


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    In his glowing review of the record, Jon Hadusek writes, “Gore could be the Deftones’ best album, but you can earnestly say that about any album they’ve ever created and make a strong argument. If anything, it’s the most modern, and a statement that style and substance are not mutually exclusive. Gore has both. It depicts a band in creative turmoil, the chief songwriting forces of Moreno and Carpenter clashing over direction, yet finding a compromise that remains true to their sound.”

    Additionally, the band has just let loose the new video for “Prayers/Triangles”. Directed by Charles Bergquist (Tycho, Matthew Dear), it finds Deftones performing on a sound stage as colorful silhouettes. Other scenes show Moreno sprinting through a shadowy neighborhood at night.

    Purchase a copy of the album here.

    Gore Tracklist:
    01. Prayers/Triangles
    02. Acid Hologram
    03. Doomed User
    04. Geometric Headdress
    05. Hearts/Wires
    06. Pittura Infamante
    07. Xenon
    08. (L)MIRL
    09. Gore
    10. Phantom Bride
    11. Rubicon