The Orwells’ Dallas concert ends with onstage fight

Lead singer Mario Cuomo got into a fist fight with the venue's sound technician

Orwells fight

    The Orwells’ recent set at Spillover Fest in Dallas, Texas devolved into a chaotic scene after frontman Mario Cuomo got into an onstage scrap with the venue’s sound technician.

    According to the Dallas Observer, Cuomo had been “spiking his microphone after each song as if he were a football player making a touchdown”. The antics annoyed Trees’ sound guy, leading him to cut off the band, put on music, and draw the curtains.

    This didn’t fly with the notoriously rambunctious rockers, escalating into an onstage fist fight between the technician and Cuomo. As you can see via the video below, after Cuomo was tackled to the ground, his bandmates came to his aid. Venue security intervened, but not before several punches were thrown, and one member of the band ripped down the curtain.


    Dallas police were eventually called to the venue.

    The Orwells seemed to take pride in the brouhaha as Cuomo and fans were quick to note that 25 years earlier, Nirvana got kicked out of Trees after Kurt Cobain hit a security guard in the head with the neck of his guitar.

    Watch video of the brawl below.