Top 10 Songs of the Week (4/8)

A fresh batch of tunes that you might return to decades down the road

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    This week, Guns N’ Roses’ classic lineup reunited for a performance 23 years in the making. While none of these songs have had fans clamoring for more than two decades, they may just be the kind of tracks that’ll get people begging for them to be played a quarter of a century for now. Whether they’ll be filling dance floors or filling headphones in thoughtful meditation, our top songs of the week are a batch that should live on for decades.

    10. Adult Jazz – “Eggshell”


    It’s surprisingly difficult to fully catch one’s breath while diving into Adult Jazz’s newest offering, “Eggshell”. Taken from Earrings Off!, available May 20th via Tri Angle, the track is awash with far more layers and incidental tones than its sterilized, off-white name implies. Lead singer Harry Burgess’ vocals offer (relatively) safe passage through a barrage of intermittent drums, orchestral strings, and the wandering kazoo. A broader statement on masculinity and “liberation from its past clout,” the song’s unique structure is a reflection of the band’s battle against accepted forms. Masculinity can be beautiful outside of its standard molds, and so too are the breaks, twists, and distorted whispers within “Eggshell”. –Derek Staples

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