Vic Mensa collaborating with Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo on forthcoming track

Chicago rapper’s new album features a sample of Pinkerton standout “The Good Life”’

    Photos by Philip Cosores and Cathy Poulton

    Rising MC Vic Mensa has been lighting it up lately, working on tracks with everyone from Kanye West to Towkio. In an interview with Clash on Thursday, the rapper revealed another big-name collaborator he’s brought on board for his forthcoming debut album Traffic: Rivers Cuomo of Weezer.

    According to Clash, the unlikely pairing began when Mensa sampled the bridge from “The Good Life”, a standout on Weezer’s 1996 classic Pinkerton. Cuomo later invited Mensa in for a studio session, heard the track, and decided to lay down some of his own vocals at the end of the song.

    The track, which Mensa discussed at length with Clash, tells a hectic story of his lover breaking into his flat and starting a commotion that eventually involves the police. “It’s just one of the craziest experiences of my life,” the rapper said. “I have a real fucking life that’s tumultuous and dangerous and beautiful at the same time.”


    Weezer isn’t the only ‘90s alt-rock band that Mensa can get down with. The rapper also revealed his love of Nirvana in the interview, describing In Utero and Nevermind as two of his favorite albums and showing off the Nirvana tattoo on his arm.

    In February, Mensa shared new song “Danger”, which might also appear on his forthcoming full-length Traffic. To get excited for his collaboration with Cuomo, check out the original version of “The Good Life” below.