Bloody hell! Tom Hiddleston in “advanced talks” for James Bond role

Oh, grow up, MGM, and make a goddamn choice already...

Tom Hiddleston

    Well, this is proving rather redundant, no?

    Yesterday, word surfaced that 30-year-old actor Jamie Bell was meeting up with a few James Bond producers to talk. About what? Oh, they were probably just shooting the shit about how cool the franchise has been over the past few decades.

    Or … they were mulling over the possibility that the Billy Elliot star could take over from Daniel Craig. Which, by the way, you can’t count out, either, as he’s reportedly waiting to hear more about the sequel’s creative elements before officially walking.


    Now — oh, how there’s always a “now” — the fine (probably equally frustrated) folks at Birth Movies Death insist that Tom Hiddleston, who was tipped as a suitable replacement last week, is in “advanced talks” to play Bond. Round and round we go!

    Choosing words carefully, our source confirms that while talks have indeed taken place, and that Hiddleston very much wants the job (a fact of which he’s made no secret), no official offer has been made – yet.


    They go on to dissect the news, citing Entourage even, and offer some choice wisdom. All of this could simply be a charade to get Craig to sign on again. That wouldn’t be surprising, but even if all else fails, Hiddleston is a solid, top notch choice.

    Who knows, though. Come Monday, we’ll likely be reporting that Hiddleston is no longer an option and they’ve since sent out offers to Steve Coogan. If only they’d let that Alpha Papa play hard.


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