Deepwater Horizon trailer highlights heroes in harrowing montage — watch

The true-story retelling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill hits theaters September 30th

    Peter Berg returns with another historical drama for the big screen.

    His latest feature, Deepwater Horizon, explores the destructive oil spill that dominated headlines and devastated the Gulf of Mexico on April 20th, 2010. However, Berg seems heavily invested in the men and women aboard the oil rig who put their lives at risk for saving others.

    The latest trailer offers a glimpse into the life of family man and real-life hero Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg), before turning into a heart-wrenching montage of fiery explosions and wounded workers uniting together to keep one another alive. As you can see, Kurt RussellJohn MalkovichGina RodriguezDylan O’Brien, and Kate Hudson also co-star.

    Watch above. Deepwater Horizon hits theaters September 30th.