The Mountain Goats cover War’s R&B hit “Summer” — listen

John Darnielle & co. revisit the '70s on this smooth rendition


    The Mountain Goats have contributed to Amazon Music’s upcoming Songs of the Summer compilation, a collection of original tracks and popular covers. Although Black Sabbath have been on the mind of frontman John Darnielle recently, the band’s submission is no heavy metal banger. Instead, The Mountain Goats have opted to take on the cool, smooth R&B of War’s 1976 hit “Summer”.

    In a press release, Darnielle explained why they chose to cover “Summer”:

    “I grew up in southern California in the mid-to-late 1970s. War’s music was an AM radio standby — Low Rider, Summer, Why Can’t We Be Friends, Cisco Kid — these were songs you heard coming out of car windows, playing from radios inside the snack bar near the Little League dugout, and from portable radios at parks. To me so much of War’s music is the sound of summer and this song goes directly to the point and stays there, deep in the vein of the groove that War mined and made their own.”

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    Stream it below.


    Amazon’s Songs of Summer playlist drops on June 3rd; it also features Blitzen Trapper, Laura Gibson, and Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio.

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