Eros and the Eschaton want an old fashioned revolution on new single “Rxx” — listen

From the freshly expanded quintet's sophomore record Weight of Matter

    Eros and the Eschaton aren’t the same band they were three years ago. Back then, they were a couple raising a child together in North Carolina and recording shoegazing rock tunes for their 2013 debut, Home Address for Civil War. Now, the band is a full-fledged five-piece based in Colorado Springs, CO, a vibrant city that helped lead the quintet towards a more guitar-centric sound than ever before. This new iteration of Eros and the Eschaton will debut to the world with the August 19th release of their new album, Weight of Matter, via Bar/None Records.

    Press for the record calls it “a Neil Young & Crazy Horse guitar-inspired album,” but insists that it still maintains the psychedelic angles of the band’s first LP. All of that is certainly true on the lead single, “Rxx”. Ripples of sound circle out from the tripped out keys while band co-founder Adam Hawkins dances his fingers across his guitar strings. Meanwhile, pummeling drums and a skipping bass rocket the song forward with garage-y propulsion. The resulting spiral feels much like you’d imagine time traveling might look: A colorful peek at time and space that blends rich moments from the past from a thoroughly modern standpoint.

    And that’s essentially what the song is all about, in any event. As frontwoman Kate Perdoni explains it to Consequence of Sound, “Rxx” presents “novel flashes in rock and roll history.” “Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall to tune in and drop out with Janis and Rick Danko on the Festival Express train, or be caught in the legendary traffic jam that bred Buffalo Springfield? (‘I started my band in a traffic jam/ While I was trying to find my way back to Canada.’) Sun Records and Sam Phillips, Jimi’s stint in the 101st Airborne, HST’s non-student left, Gram Parsons, Big Pink, John Prine, Norman Blake — it’s all in there,” Perdoni says. “Contrary to the flashpan ‘famous-for-being-famous’ of 2016, there feels a sentimental and poignant significance to the legends and tall tales that defined music history.”


    Take a listen to the single below.

    Weight of Matter Tracklist:
    01. OMG I Am
    02. The Way I Feel 2Nite
    03. Center Of The World
    04. Helicopter
    05. Long Shot
    06. Rxx
    07. Bop Shoo Bop
    08. Cry
    09. Shadow, Forth
    10. Weight Of Matter
    11. From Belly Deep