Thom Yorke surprised by new album’s success, thought fans would have abandoned Radiohead by now

Plus, guitarist Ed O'Brien talks about the time he met Kanye West


    Earlier this month, Radiohead fans came out in droves to celebrate the physical release of new album A Moon Shaped Pool. The wide acclaim and excitement over the LP may have been presumed by loyal followers of the UK outfit, but for Thom Yorke, the whirlwind of success has been nothing but a total surprise.

    “We expected the opposite reaction,” the frontman told Q Magazine (via NME), revealing that he believed fans might’ve abandoned the group since the release of 2011’s The King of Limbs. Over the years, Radiohead’s albums have become increasingly experimental in nature, a popular topic of conversation amongst casual and diehard listeners alike. “I cherish the band, but I don’t expect anyone else to,” Yorke added.

    Q writer Niall Doherty also wrote about how Radiohead came to include “Creep” into their recent setlists (via Pitchfork):

    “Yorke says that the idea to play “Creep” came up two nights ago in Amsterdam when someone in the crowd spent the majority of the gig shouting for it. “I kind of wound him up by starting to play it, which was a bad idea as it was like lighting a fire.” The band decided they would perform it during the encore only for their crew to veto it because they weren’t prepared. But the idea had been planted -“Creep” was back on the rota. “We just said, ‘Let’s see what the reaction is, just to see how it feels.’”

    Yorke continues: “Like we played ‘No Surprises’ just to see if it feels alright. Songs go into phases where they don’t feel right and then they come back. ‘No Surprises’ was out for ages. We didn’t play it once on the whole of The King Of Limbstour. … If you play it right, it is fucking dark. But it’s like acting. It’s on the edge of totally hamming it up but you’re not. it’s just the words are so dark. When we play it, we have to play it so slow. It only sounds good if it’s really fragile.” 


    In other Radiohead news, guitarist Ed O’Brien sat down for a lengthy interview with Dave Okumu of UK-based The Invisible. They discussed Prince, ABBA, and everyday life as a musician.

    Additionally, O’Brien recounted the time he met Kanye West back in 2012. The two talked about religion and God for almost three hours, but it was mostly O’Brien offering up his opinions. “He [Kanye] wasn’t interested in me … at all…”

    The hour-long interview, produced by Ninja Tune, is broken up into two parts; part one is here, part two can be streamed here. It’s also available for free download at Apple Music.


    Revisit the band’s video for “Daydreaming”, which happens to be Yorke’s favorite album cut:


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