Much like all groups stocked with freaky-deaky hippy types, Swedish psychedelic weirdos Goat are best experienced live. You just can’t catch the wave of masked Nordic flower children jamming and ribbon-dancing while sitting in your house. That being said, their latest single “Try My Robe” is one hell of an advertisement for their next tour.

The band is all about fusion, snagging sounds from all over the world to create a knotty blend of Western psychedelia and Eastern instrumentation. But one blend they hardly ever get credit for is mixing the (admittedly sometimes tedious) sound of jam music with the in-born Swedish proclivity for earworms. If you don’t find yourself shouting “Share my bread! Taste my food! Try my robe!” after a few listens, then you are a stronger willed person than me. Check it out below:

“Robe” is our second taste of the mysterious worldbeat purveyors’ upcoming album Requiem. That one’s out October 7th via Sub Pop and pre-orders are available here.


Requiem Artwork:


Requiem Tracklist:
01. Djorolen/Union of Sun and Moon
02. I Sing in Silence
03. Temple Rhythms
04. Alarms
05. Trouble in the Streets
06. Psychedelic Lover
07. Goatband
08. Try My Robe
09. It’s Not Me
10. All-Seeing Eye
11. Goatfuzz
12. Goodbye
13. Ubuntu