The Hip Abduction premiere island-hopping video for “Higher” — watch

The Florida tropical septet offers a first-class ticket to paradise

    Need a breezy vacay outside your noggin? Allow The Hip Abduction to be your guide.

    The Florida tropical indie septet are a few months removed from their third album, Gold Under the Glow, but now they’ve returned with an exciting new video for flavorful single, “Higher”.

    Directed by Dylan Melcher and shot across the British Virgin Islands, the five-and-half-minute clip is a first-class ticket to paradise, and you don’t even have to listen to Eddie Money.

    Frontman David New offers a behind-the-scenes look:

    “No phones, no showers, no air conditioners, no grocery stores, no way to escape the gnarly seas that rocked us in the middle of night. We stayed on an old school 39-foot monohull for 10 days and explored the surrounding islands. At one point, we went four days without seeing another soul.

    “It felt so good to get some down time and reconnect with what matters most in this life: friends and family. Getting off the grid and living off the land again felt absolutely refreshing, and in a way, a bit surreal. I’d dreamed of this place, but had never actually been before.

    We met up with a young Spanish couple sailing around the world who happened to be in Tortola during our scheduled trip. Their guidance inspired the entire video. You know when you meet people for the first time but you feel like you’ve known them forever? That’s Marta and Rafa. The most jovial and kind sailers I’ve ever met.”


    While we can’t promise you that wild experience, you can try to relive it above. We recommend a Mai Tai or some kind of mojito to go with it. Mmm, this writer’s a fiend for mojitos.

    Gold Under the Glow is out now via ILS Group/Caroline/Universal.