Universal wants Matt Damon to keep making Jason Bourne sequels forever and ever and ever

Much like his character, it too appears the Oscar-nominated actor will be on the run

    There was a time when Matt Damon was reluctant to make any more films as Jason Bourne. After 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum, the Oscar-nominated hunk bid farewell to the franchise with pal director Paul Greengrass, leaving Universal to knock on Jeremy Renner’s door for their agreeable, but not exactly bankable sequel, The Bourne Legacy, in 2012.

    Now that Damon and Greengrass are back for this month’s Jason Bourne, the studio is keeping dangerously close to the exit door with a nice smile and a subtle, “You’re not going anywhere, assholes.” Okay, that’s a tad extreme, but Universal Pictures chairwoman Donna Langley does sound a little eerie while speaking about their ensuing future:

    “Even though Matt and Paul had been very definitive about not wanting to come back, we weren’t really willing to submit to that… look, here’s what I think the goal is: to keep Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass doing Bourne movies till they can’t do them anymore.”

    Yikes. Someone cue that Moby song and get Damon and Greengrass on a plane already.

    Jason Bourne hits theaters July 29th.