Win Butler covers Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream” in tribute to Alan Vega — listen

Arcade Fire frontman dubs his version, “K33p Ur Dr34ms”


    As one of pioneers of proto-punk, Alan Vega’s passing over the weekend has had a somber impact on many artists. The latest to pay tribute to the fallen legend is Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler. Operating under his DJ Windows 98 moniker, Butler released his own version of the Suicide track “Dream Baby Dream”, though he’s re-dubbed it “K33p Ur Dr34ms”. Despite the name change, the cover is remarkably faithful to the 1979 single; Butler even goes so far as to adopt Vega’s drowsy delivery. It’s as close an approximation as we’ll ever get to what it might sound like if Vega and his partner, Martin Rev, had re-recorded the song in 2016.

    Take a listen below (via Stereogum).

    For reference, check out Suicide’s original “Dream Baby Dream” below.

    Along with Butler, MGMT also paid tribute to Vega with a cover of “Goodbye Darling”.

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