Someone send Woody Harrelson some sunscreen because he’s headed to Iraq.

The Rampart star is currently in talks to star in Rob Reiner’s next project, the wartime drama Shock and Awe. Written by Joey Hartstone, the film follows the steely journalists who sought out the truth behind the Bush administration’s destructive claims that Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction.

The film, which should be a year-end favorite by every card-carrying member of the Republican party, will reunite Reiner, Hartstone, and Harrelson after they recently worked together on their forthcoming Lyndon Baines Johnson biopic, LBJ. Reiner has been developing this story for years and will also produce.

It’s a smart move for Harrelson, who recently starred in Triple 9 and Now You See Me 2 and will appear next in the aforementioned LBJ, Craig Johnson’s comedy-drama Wilson, Kelly Fremon’s drama The Edge of Seventeen, and Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated Apes sequel, War for the Planet of the Apes.


One tends to forget he was once just Woody Boyd.