ZHU provides a summer song for city folk with new single “Palm Of My Hand” — listen

Off of his fast approaching debut album GENERATIONWHY

    Much like summer brings a certain type of film into your local cineplex, it welcomes a certain class of music to your radio. Summer music — or at least the types of songs that like to catch on right as the weather turns hot — tend to play like idealized visions of the season. They’re beach-y, breezy and boozy, shot through with a carefree sort of swagger. But that’s not all that summer is.

    Luckily, electronic musician ZHU is here to provide us with the other side of the season. His new track “Palm Of My Hand” sounds like a particularly sweltering night in a city center, planting you on a grimy sidewalk in its opening seconds with the sound of a police car driving by. You can practically see neon reflecting off of puddles left over from an afternoon shower as an electric guitar wails.

    Then, the beat kicks in and you’re reminded why your standing out in the oppressive heat in the first place. Like most city dwellers cluttering the streets past sundown, you’re sweating on your way to your favorite spot with a dance-floor that’s somehow even more humid than the air outside. It sounds like wiping your face in the bathroom and laughing at how much grime comes off. The six-minute-plus single is a dystopian banger, like the Streets of Rage soundtrack if you could move to it. Check it out below.


    “Hand” is our second taste of the producer’s debut album GENERATIONWHY after the title track. The first full-length from the renowned beatmaker is set to drop on July 29 and the tracklist is below.

    GENERATIONWHY Tracklist:
    01. Intro (Neon City)
    02. Cold Blooded
    03. In the Morning
    04. Secret Weapon
    05. Electrify Me
    06. Numb
    07. Palm of my Hand
    08. Money
    09. One Minute to Midnight
    10. Reaching
    11. Hometown Girl
    12. Good Life
    13. Generationwhy
    14. Working for It