Brooklyn psych poppers Zula break free on new song “Lucy Loops” — listen

Mesmerizing track asks the question, “At what point do you give up and move on?”

    To listen to a Zula track is to get lost in a world of the band’s own creation — a groovy, hypnotic space in which the answers to difficult questions start to become clearer as the bass pounds against your chest and the rhythmic percussion propels you forward. Such is the case with new song “Lucy Loops”, on which the band finds the sweet spot between pop and psychedelia.

    The song doesn’t wander too far afield in its exploration of soundscapes, but its repetitions produce a pleasantly mesmerizing effect that lends itself to contemplation. As songwriter Henry Terepka explains it, “‘Lucy Loops’ is about deciding when to give up on something or someone that has been a part of your life for a long time. In a long-term situation that might be full of struggle, why and how do you push on? Should you? The song speaks to the moment before the decision.”

    It’s a moment we’d like to linger in, though there are surely others like it on Zula’s forthcoming sophomore album Grasshopper, due out August 26th on Inflated Records. Pre-order the vinyl here, and listen in to “Lucy Loops” below.


    Grasshopper Album Artwork:

    Zula_Grasshopper cover art

    Grasshopper Tracklist:
    01. Speeding Towards the Arctic
    02. Be Around
    03. Santa Cruz
    04. Fuck This
    05. Getting Warm
    06. Basketball
    07. Dogs Wake Up
    08. Lucy Loops