Most Americans’ only encounter with the South African counter-culture movement zef has come from Die Antwoord. The rave-rap duo has brought the unique lifestyle to the masses, and now they’re bringing the masses to a true zef party. In the video for their Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid single “Banana Brain”, Ninja and Yolandi Visser head to a gathering of friends where drugs and blacklight rooms are all part of the fun. But when Yolandi loses control, Ninja demonstrates how to properly take care of a friend on a bad trip — even if it means giving her a haircut.

Check out the video, which Ninja directed alongside Terence Neale, above. Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid is out September 16th. Die Antwoord will tour North America behind the album this fall, and you can find those dates here; you also still have 11 days to win tickets to their San Francisco show with Crystal Castles, so enter here.