DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels share brutal, politically charged “Nobody Speak” video — watch

This is what happens when society devolves into barbarism

    Run the Jewels have always been politically outspoken, and their new video for DJ Shadow collaboration “Nobody Speak” sees some of their views brought to life on the screen. Directed by Sam Pilling, the clip finds a United Nations-type meeting escalate from calm debate to outright brawl. Politicians, vicious and bloodthirsty, punch and slam each other to the ground without a second thought.

    It’s a disgrace for diplomacy and society as a whole that things can devolve to barbarism (notice the random pig?), especially for countries like the US, who think they’re above it all (notice the guy using the American flag as a weapon?). Tensions aren’t nearly as bad as what’s depicted here, but it’s not too far-fetched of a reality, sadly.

    “We wanted to make a positive, life-affirming video that captures politicians at their election-year best,” DJ Shadow wrote in the video’s YouTube description. “We got this instead.”


    Killer Mike added his two cents, likening the visual to our current presidential election. “It’s such a dope video. It’s what I really wish Trump and Hillary would just do and get it over with … And even in that fight I think Hillary would win — and that’s not an endorsement.”

    Watch above. “Nobody Speak” is off DJ Shadow’s The Mountain Will Fall.