Get anxious: Mark Duplass confirms Creep 2 is coming

Keep on the lookout for Peach Fuzz


    Anyone catch Creep on Netflix? Patrick Brice’s low budget, found-footage film scared countless living rooms last year when it finally hit the streaming service after wasting away in a box for a year.

    In short, it turned mumblecore mastermind Mark Duplass — who you may recognize as the hunk from The League — into the scariest son of a bitch you’d ever want to cross. Two words: Peach Fuzz.

    Well, good news for those who want to keep cringing, the two are making another one together and, according to Duplass, “this one is gonna get a little bit weird.” Here’s what the actor tweeted today:

    If they’re already doing wardrobe, odds are they’ll start filming soon, which means we could see this creeptastic sequel (part of a trilogy, reportedly) come film festival season next year. Perhaps South by Southwest?

    We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, revisit our past interview with Brice in which he talks about Creep, The Overnight, and the yuppie scum we love to hate and hate to be.

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