Fans of the classic animated movie Akira looking to drop the needle on the film’s iconic, unsettling score will soon have their day — and they won’t have to put a major dent in their bank accounts.

Milan Records has announced that they will be pressing the Akira Symphonic Suite to vinyl. Which means that although we lose the dialogue and effects of the iconic 1988 soundtrack, we’ll still get the pure, unadulterated score.

And let’s be honest, that score is vitally important to Akira, even more so than most films. In fact, the score was completed early in the film’s production and was used to partially sculpt the film’s moods and themes.


There’s no word yet on a release date or artwork, but Milan ensures fans that they aren’t out to create another rare item. In other words, “there will be enough for everybody.” Here’s the label’s cool tease:

Check out the tracklist below and start screaming your head off like Tetsuo. After all, it’ll sound better over vinyl.

Akira Symphonic Suite Tracklist:
01. Kaneda
02. Tetsuo
03. Ohjifuchi
04. Exodus From The Underground Fortress
05. Requiem