Metallica, Danny Brown, and Bon Iver Top Our Songs of the Week (8/19)

Ten great new tunes to boost the communal well-being

    top-10-songs-of-the-week-2014-novThis week we learned that going to concerts regularly will lead to a happier life — at least according to one study. In a survey of 1,000 Australians, Victoria’s Deakin University found that those who attended any sort of communal musical experience reported higher levels of satisfaction with their lives. And lest you go thinking that a VR trip to Coachella will be good enough, the study insisted that the “communal” aspect of the experience was the key. While we might not be dancing to these tunes in the same room, maybe you’ll get some benefit from all of us listening to these great new songs together.

    10. Metallica – “Hardwired”


    Metallica are finally back. The band have announced their first album in eight years entitled Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, which will drop on November 18th via Blackened Recordings. Hardwired will be a double album and serve as the follow-up to 2008’s Death Magnetic. Alongside the announcement, Metallica have released their lead title single, a thrashed throwback to the ferociously raw Kill ‘Em All. Hetfield wields his staple apocalyptic growl as the song is filled to the brim with whiplash riffs, frenetic kick drums, high-tempo pummeling power chords, and crash-and-burn solos. –Alejandra Ramirez


    09. Clearance – “Owner/Operator”


    Still riding high on the 2015 release of their excellent debut album, Rapid RewardsChicago outfit Clearance are returning with a briefer, yet no less sweet new release. Their new 7-inch, Are You Aware, is due in only a week, so you best get yourself prepared. And what better way than with the Malkmus-indebted “Owner/Operator”, a jangly drifter that runs on Arthur Velez’ tight drumbeat. But the true star, as might be expected from anything so obviously soaked in Pavement nostalgia, is the laconic delivery of guitarist Mike Bellis, who even manages to drop a Kinks reference into the mix. Grab Are You Aware at your local record store via Tall Pat Records.  –Adam Kivel

    08. Kool Keith feat. MF DOOM – “Super Hero”


    Set to release his 22nd studio album, Feature Magnetic, on September 16th via Mello Music Group, Kool Keith has shared the third single, “Super Hero”. The song features the forever-elusive rapper MF DOOM, adding to his list of team-ups in the past months that already included Madlib, Ghostface Killah, and Atmosphere. The track proves a perfect pairing for both hip-hop veterans as they each drop lines brimming with references to Spider-Man, the X-Men, and Doctor Octopus and wax philosophical over foreboding electronics and starburst synths. –Alejandra Ramirez 

     07. [Hi:Emotions] – “NOTU_URONLINEU”

    When you see an album title in the vein of NOTU_URONLINEU surfacing via Kode9’s Hyperdub label, one must anticipate a complex IDM onslaught. Produced totally in the dark by London’s Leon Smart, who also produces under the Scratcha DVA alias, the eight-minute-long cut concurrently transverses noise, jazz, trance, dub, hardcore techno, and apparently every synthesized texture Smart could get his fingers on while shrouded in that darkness. The bastard child of Flying Lotus and Autechre, the track scoffs at its own charming abnormalities. The titular single from Smart’s forthcoming LP closes with an ironic sound bite: “I knew that wasn’t gonna sound good.” Explore the totality of NOTU_URONLINEU at your leisure on October 7th. –Derek Staples 


    06. Mannequin Pussy – “Emotional High”

    manequin pussy romantic

    The magic of punk is hard to explain to people who don’t already listen to punk. If you’ve got friends who remain unconvinced the genre’s anything other than yelling and simple chords, show them Mannequin Pussy’s newest song. The Philadelphia-based group know how to write concise punk songs that carry all the grit and energy of the genre with their own brand of melodic pop guiding the instruments. Barely over a minute long, their new song “Emotional High” — off their upcoming LP, Romantic, out October 28th via Tiny Engines — makes good on its name, and it tackles gratitude in the process. Marisa Dabice belts her lines with joyful jubilation, an honest delivery that strengthens each line about friendship and general appreciation. “I really can’t explain it/ It’s an emotional high,” she sings. “There’s nothing to it/ If I could, I’d tell you all the time.” If only gratitude sounded this blissful and fun when it left everyone’s lips. –Nina Corcoran



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