Raury shares new Donnie Trumpet-produced track “Like A Star” — listen

Burgeoning ATL artist teams with one of Chicago's rising talents

    Photo by Ben Kaye

    Thus far into his career, Raury has shown a willingness to traverse genre in such a way that his music sounds very much like an artist finding himself. The young Atlantian seems to be honing in on what works best for him, however, as demonstrated on his new song “Like A Star”.

    The track sees Raury collaborating with producer Donnie Trumpet, who lays down a beat the swirls like blue smoke through a starry night. Half the song features doleful vocals that feel like they’re chasing the female protagonist of the lyrics, hoping to reel her in and make her take stock of her life. “We’re so very young and full of love/ You convinced myself that maybe I should stay,” Raury sings. “We’re too very young to be in love/ Girl I think you know I know I should wait.”

    The back half, however, switches to Raury dropping bars in speedy staccato. “Don’t dig your grave and forget that I stay here,” he warns. “Don’t dig your grave and forget that I lay here/ Don’t dig your grave and start gettin’ grateful.”


    It’s one of the better balancing acts of Raury’s multiple sides, and you can check it out below.