Stream: Paul Haslinger’s exceptional Halt and Catch Fire score

Former Tangerine Dream member offers music from the show's three seasons

    AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire returned this week for its third season. This time around, Cameron, Donna, Gordon, and Joe are out in San Francisco, California, working on taking over Silicon Valley with either Mutiny or MacMillan.

    If you’ve been following the series over the past couple of years — and you really, really should — you’ve undoubtedly noticed its exceptional score. That’s because it’s all done by former Tangerine Dream composer Paul Haslinger.

    Well, Lakeshore Records, the same fine folks who put out Survive’s two volumes of music for Stranger Things this month, has issued Haslinger’s compositions for you to bring to your own workplace. Here’s what the artist had to say:

    “The release of this album comes at an interesting point in time for me: it is almost exactly 30 years ago that I started working with Tangerine Dream, and it is the music of that period that I had the chance to revisit while working on HALT. The creators made it clear that they wanted an all electronic soundtrack. As a result, this album is the closest to an actual release of electronic music that I’ve come to since leaving TD in 1990. I’ve had a lot of fun making it, hope you enjoy it!”


    The good news? It’s already streaming online…

    But, if you’d like to keep things vintage, much like the show itself, you can grab the CD when it hits stores on September 16th. Haslinger hints that a vinyl release may be coming down the road, too. Then you’re really livin’ like it’s 1983.

    Revisit our 2014 interview Mr. Haslinger here.