Television series focused on music seem to be struggling to connect with audiences and networks. First the Martin Scorsese/Mick Jagger-produced Vinyl got the axe from HBO, then FX put an end to Dennis Leary’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, and now Showtime has closed shop on Roadies after just one season.

Roadies was acclaimed filmmaker Cameron Crowe’s (Almost Famous) first attempt at a TV series. He wrote, directed, and executive produced the program, while J.J. Abrams and Winnie Holzman also held EP credits. The show starred Luke Wilson, Carla Gugino and Imogen Poots, and saw guest appearances from the likes of Eddie Vedder, Jim James, David Spade, Reignwolf, Halsey, The Head and the heart, Marc Maron, John Mellencamp, Rosanna Arquette, Rainn Wilson, and others.

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“Though we could tell a thousand more stories, this run ends with a complete 10-hour tale of music and love,” wrote Crowe in a blog post announcing the cancelation. “Like a song that slips under your skin, or a lyric that keeps speaking to you, we hope the spell of Roadies lingers. It was life-changing experience for all of us.”


The drama debuted on June 26th to 499,000 viewers, and its 10th and final episode brought 500,000 on August 28th. Despite the steady numbers, the lack of growth and the fact that Showtime didn’t own the rights to the show probably contributed to the network’s decision.

All right, Netflix’s The Get Down — your move.