Car Seat Headrest reworks Frank Ocean’s “Ivy” live — watch

Will Toledo puts his own spin on the Blonde track


    It’s practically become an expectation at a Car Seat Headrest show that Will Toledo will toss an unexpected cover into the set. He’s done it with songs by David Bowie, Radiohead (twice), and Sufjan Stevens, and now we can add Frank Ocean to the list.

    During the encore Monday night at St. Louis’ The Ready Room, Toledo stepped to the mic and said something along the lines of, “I feel like you guys deserve one more song.” He then proceeded to play someone else’s song. Armed with just his guitar, he went into a cover of Ocean’s “Ivy” off the excellent Blonde. Except it wasn’t a pure cover, as the CSH mastermind worked some of his own lyrics into the verses; “If I could guess your password, you know I’d break in/ To the empty heart that you keep my face in,” he sang.

    Take a listen above.

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