Oasis share trailer for their new documentary Supersonic — watch

Due out October 2nd, the film documents the Gallagher brothers' "fucking Biblical rise to fame"

    The meteoric rise and eventual collapse of Oasis is the type of story that’s ripe for a documentary. So it’s a wonder we’ve had to wait for one on the scale of Supersonic for so long. The story of the Gallagher brothers going from council estates to playing in front of hundreds of thousands of people is making its way to the big screen on October 2nd, and today we received our first look via its full-length trailer. Update: The film will screen in the US for one-night only on October 26th. Click here for more info.

    The film was executive-produced by Amy director Asif Kapadia and seems to be similarly heavy on archival footage (with fresh voiceovers recorded by the ever-quotable Gallagher brothers). The doc was directed by Mat Whitecross, who fanned the always burning reunion rumor flames at a screening of the film over the weekend.

    According to the Guardian, Whitecross said that Coldplay’s Chris Martin is serving as a mediator between Liam and Noel and added that a reunion is a certainty in his mind.


    “Neither of them have discounted the idea of getting back together,” he said. “It will happen, I’m sure. The idea of never seeing them again for me is impossible.”

    That may be. But for now we just have their occasional interviews and films like Supersonic to slake our Oasis thirst. Check out the trailer up top.