San Fermin’s Allen Tate shares new solo track “YDNF (Young Dumb Numb Fun)” — listen

Hits on the sweet spot between solitary introspection and the urge to go out and get lit

    Photo by Matthew Burke

    As a member of indie rock darlings San Fermin, Allen Tate sings richly complex melodies propelled forward by the interplay between the band’s vocalists and instrumentalists. But the Brooklyn-based songwriter’s debut solo album, Sleepwalker, sounds more like an exercise in a specific kind of loneliness.

    Tate’s new track “YDNF (Young Dumb Numb Fun)” exemplifies his gravitation toward a more contemplative brand of indie pop that pushes his velvety baritone to the fore. The arrangement is dense if not wildly complex, allowing plenty of room for Tate’s lyrics to, well, sing. And sing they do, hitting on the sweet spot between solitary introspection and that ever-present urge to just go out and get lit.

    “‘YDNF’ is about when you’ve been alone with your thoughts for a little too long and you finally admit that what you really need to do is something mindless, with other people,” Tate tells Consequence of Sound. “When I wrote it, I just needed it to feel like I wasn’t taking myself too seriously and maybe even admit that I just needed something fun. Whether it be a party or a concert or just going out with your friends, there is an important kind of relief that comes from losing yourself in a happy mob that we just can’t manifest all by ourselves.”


    If a happy mob isn’t readily available, you could do a lot worse than losing yourself in the bouncing, shimmering melody that anchors “YDNF”. The song features on Sleepwalker, which arrives October 28th via Votiv Music. Preorder the album, and have some young, dumb, numb fun listening to “YDNF” below.