In celebration of National Video Game Day, we’re revisiting our list of the best video games based on bands.

    This week, the Los Angeles Convention Center hosts the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3, which showcases the hottest upcoming video games and game-related software. Wondering what will follow Xbox 360? Are you still waiting for that new Tomb Raider follow up? Getting tired of the Kinect and in need of something more? Pending this week’s results, you might have answers to all of those questions.

    In light of the festivities, Consequence of Sound waxed nostalgic and felt the urge to talk shop, asking one question: “What bands have made use of the video game medium?” The geekiest contributors over here suggested some ridiculous titles and then chiseled it down to ten (mostly) admirable titles. Some might surprise you of its existence, others might remind you why you should still be playing them. Whatever the case, we’re hoping this list changes in the future — perhaps this year’s showcase has some worthy contenders. We’ll find out at the end of this week!


    For now, click away to start playing reading.

    –Michael Roffman

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