Willie Nelson gets Virginia Governor in trouble after posing for photo with marijuana

A backstage photo op accidentally turns into a minor political gaffe

    Photo via Twitter/@BioAnnie1

    There’s a pretty well-understood if unspoken rule of common sense that if you get on Willie Nelson’s tour bus, you’re going to be around some weed. Somehow Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe missed the memo, and now he’s found himself cleaning up for a bit of a gaffe.

    Nelson’s Farm Aid festival set up shop at Bristow, VA’s Jiffy Lube Live this weekend, and Governor McAuliffe swung through to check it out. He also went backstage to hang with the festival’s founder for a bit, posing for a picture on the country icon’s tour bus. What he failed to notice, however, was the canister of Nelson’s own brand of marijuana, Willie’s Reserve, sitting right there on the table.

    See that little can behind the remote control and next to the glasses? That’s pot. It’s weed. It’s the green grass that gets you going. And it’s illegal in Virginia.


    Local ABC affiliate WRIC (via Dayton Daily News) reached out to the governor’s office for a comment, and was told that McAuliffe was unaware of the drug’s presence in the picture. What’s more, a spokesperson said he “wouldn’t recognize the drug or related paraphernalia” anyway. This is the same person who has publicly stated he’d consider legalizing marijuana for medical use, but would oppose it for recreational purposes. Really? You’re going to have a legal opinion on a substance when you don’t even know what it looks like?

    Some might say the gaffe is letting himself get caught in a photo with an illegal substance; others might say it’s his admittance that he knows nothing about the substance he’s in charge of keeping illegal. But hey, that’s American politics for ya.