Jim James of My Morning Jacket revealed the first single from his sophomore solo effort, Eternally Even, late last month. Now he’s sharing the video for that politically minded protest track, “Same Old Lie”, as part of the 30 Days, 30 Songs campaign.

Launched by author Dave Eggers and Noise Pop Festival producer/artist manager Jordan Kurland, 30 Days, 30 Songs will put out a new anti-Donald Trump song every day until the election. James’ contribution may not have been written specifically for the campaign, but it certainly fits the objective. As James explained in a statement,

“The fact that the United States is even remotely considering the idea of a Donald Trump presidency is so very, very disturbing. How has this bully who capitalizes on the destruction of humanity somehow been given a free pass? We need to be working for peace, love, and equality. We need to find new and better ways to take care of each other, to make this nation a place where all feel safe and welcome, regardless of race, sex, or creed. We can’t be ruled by the fear and hatred that Trump continues to push down our throats. Let’s sing our songs and cast our votes and work together to help make this country the center of peace and love that we all know it can be.”

Check out the bleary, psychedelic video above. For more of the 30 Days songs, check out Death Cab For Cutie’s “Million Dollar Loan” and Aimee Mann’s “Can’t You Tell?”


James’ Eternally Even is out November 4th via ATO/Capitol Records.