So, in case you missed it, we spent quite a while putting together a list of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. While none of those vocalists produced songs that made their way into this edition of Top Songs of the Week, there are some great performances to be heard, ranging from buried-alive noise metal screaming to some of the sweetest experimental pop. Sing along if you dare!

    10. Nine of Swords – “Two Step II”


    Few people, if any, get to skate through life treated as an equal, and there comes a point in life when you realize that you deserve more respect than you’re getting. There are bosses who fail to recognize your contributions, friends who take that constant ear for granted, and family members who never quite vocalize love the way they should. Rachel Gordon is all too familiar with that, and on Nine of Swords’ new track, she pairs that need for credit with the unbridled anger we’ve all accumulated inside ourselves before. “You recognize me/ Only after I’m gone,” she yells. “This is no excuse/ This is fucking abuse.” It’s accompanied by menacing guitars and constant cymbal crashes — an entrancing look into what the rest of their upcoming album, You Will Never Die, will bring when it drops November 24th. The Purchase, NY, act have been penning thrash-filled hardcore for a while, but on “Two Step II”, they bring their music to a new level where anyone, even those weary of hardcore, can connect. –Nina Corcoran