Anthony Michael Hall faces seven years in prison for alleged assault

Breakfast Club actor supposedly broke his neighbor’s wrist and injured his back


    Photo by Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

    Anthony Michael Hall, the actor who starred in such teen-oriented ’80s films as The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, is reportedly facing up to seven years in prison. As TMZ reports, the Los Angeles County D.A. has charged Hall with felony battery after he allegedly broke his neighbor’s wrist and injured his back during an altercation that took place outside their Playa del Rey condo two months ago. TMZ has also obtained a video of the incident, in which Hall allegedly “violently shoved [his neighbor] to the ground, hurting him badly.”

    This wouldn’t be the first time the 48-year-old actor has lashed out as his neighbors. As TMZ notes, Hall was arrested in 2011 and booked on a misdemeanor charge after screaming obscenities and acting aggressively toward passers-by outside his condo unit.

    The typical maximum sentence for felony battery with serious bodily injury is four years, but the D.A. has alleged undisclosed special circumstances that could push the maximum jail term up to seven years.