Paul Simon gets remixed by The Social Experiment’s Nico Segal and Nate Fox on “Stranger” — listen

A fresh take on Simon's "The Werewolf" and "The Clock"

    Featured photos by Robert Altman and Philip Cosores

    Nico Segal, formerly known as Donnie Trumpet, has teamed with Paul Simon for his first release since dropping his stage name to distance himself from our future president. The Social Experiment bandleader and frequent Chance the Rapper collaborator told his Twitter followers that Simon is one of his “biggest inspirations” before sharing a new collaborative track called “Stranger”.

    The song is actually a fresh take on two songs from Simon’s latest release, Stranger To Stranger, “The Werewolf” and “The Clock”. Together with bandmate Nate Fox, Segal combined the legendary singer-songwriter’s tracks into one smooth remix. The soulful, jazzy intro of “Stranger” samples the beating drum from “The Clock” and naturally brings Segal’s trumpet stylings to the forefront before dropping in Simon’s “Werewolf” vocals. Listen to “Stranger” above.