Tegan and Sara have spent the last few months rolling out music videos for nearly half of new album Love You to Death. They returned to late-night TV on Tuesday, however, to deliver the synthpop delight that is “Stop Desire” in the flesh. Although their enthused Twitter followers voted for them to wear sleeping bags (lol), the two sisters opted for a slick leather ensemble, which paired well with their equally polished Late Show performance.

Catch the replay up above.

Update: Tegan and Sara have contributed a new version of “Stop Desire” to the soundtrack for The Sims 4: City Living. They sing the song in “Simlish”, the language of the Sims, and it’s pretty bonkers.


Below, revisit our recent Facebook Live Q&A with Tegan and Sara, in which they discuss 10th anniversary plans for The Con, Prince records, and more.