Last month, the Internet was gripped in a controversy to rival that of The Dress of 2015. An old image of Bill Murray mimicking the crying baby in front of him surfaced, but people weren’t convinced the celeb in the picture was actually a Ghostbuster. Some noted that the wailing man looked more like Tom Hanks than Mr. Murray, and the debate ran rampant even in the face of fact checking. Well, now Mr. Hanks himself has stepped forward to confirm it is not him in the photo, and he proved it by showing what it would look like if it were.

Appearing on The Graham Norton show, Hanks gamely recreated the photo with help of fellow guests Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gemma Arterton. The trio did a remarkable job getting themselves in just about the same positions as the Murray and the fans in the original, with Gordon-Levitt making full use of his babyface features. Check out the side-by-side above, and watch it all unfold below. (The comparison begins at the 2:45 mark, but watching the three actors debate which are their best sides is also pretty amusing.)