SOHN shares atmospheric title track to forthcoming album Rennen — listen

English producer returns with a simple, understated piano ballad


    Photo by Phil Knott

    There’s a reason we haven’t heard much from SOHN since his 2014 album Tremors. The last several years have been an exhausting time for the English songwriter and producer, who pulled up roots from Vienna and relocated in Los Angeles without giving himself much time for reflection. SOHN’s forthcoming album, Rennen, acknowledges the breakneck pace of his life (the title means “run” in German) while giving him some much-needed room to breathe.

    That room has resulted in some of SOHN’s most musically adventurous and atmospheric work to date, if the album’s title track is any indication. SOHN shared “Rennen” today, and it’s a contemplative, understated composition built around a simple piano melody — not exactly the stuff of someone living life at 2,000 miles per hour, which is to say that maybe SOHN has learned his lesson. Rennen will be released on January 13th, 2017 and is available to pre-order now. Listen in to “Rennen” below.


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