The Furious franchise has become an interesting point of contention in the franchise days. Some have come to embrace its ridiculous, winking action movie excesses, while others marvel at how so much forgiveness can be extended to a series that has become this unrepentantly ridiculous. Look, we fall squarely into the former camp; Furious 7 is a blast, and also objectively one of the most patently absurd action movies of an era chock full of those.

But the time is drawing near for the series to continue on, given that Furious 7 made an overwhelming amount of money globally, and so Furious 8 draws nigh. But it won’t be as Furious 8; the teaser trailer for the trailer (lo, the world we have created and now inhabit), which will debut this Sunday as part of a Facebook Live event, also confirms that the movie’s title has been changed.

The eighth installment of the series will now be known as The Fate of the Furious, which is by far the most Hobbit-sounding of all the series’ titles to date. The teaser also features a brief tease of some of the action we can expect on Sunday and then next year, including some snowmobile violence that already gives off more xXx vibes than anyone involved probably intended. The full trailer will premiere on Sunday, and The Fate of the Furious will deafen audiences on April 14, 2017.