Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo talks his planned Smash Mouth collaboration

Modern indie rockstar says he'll "probably cover a few" songs by stale '90s pop act

    Last week, the unthinkable happened. No, we don’t mean the inauguration of our current Egomaniac in Chief; we’re talking about the blossoming bromance between Car Seat Headrest and — of all people — Smash Mouth. Some offhand tweeted appreciation has grown into a highly anticipated/feared joint project between the two bands. Speaking to Australia’s Triple J radio’s Veronica and Lewis, CSH frontman Will Toledo recently discussed his plans for the collaboration.

    Toledo said the project “kind of remains a mysterious front,” but added that he hopes things will coalesce in the near future. “Really, we don’t know what right now, but if nothing else, we’ll probably cover a few of their songs,” he said. “I grew up obviously knowing their hits, and I have been listening a lot to Astro Lounge, and I still think it’s a great record. The songs really hold up as pop songs.”

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    He went on to say that though he intends to “cover a couple things,” formal discussions have yet to take place. As for which Smash Mouth song is his favorite jam, Toledo answered, “I guess ‘All Star’ would have to be the choice. It’s just, it’s always there.”


    Elsewhere in the interview, Toledo talked about the possibility of Car Seat Headrest writing new music for movies, where the band’s name came from, and how he keeps a DIY feel now that he’s a big indie star. Listen to the whole thing below (via Stereogum).