Karma smacked Martin Shrekli square in the face during an event on the UC Davis campus last Friday. And by karma, we mean a steaming pile of dog shit.

The one and only pharma-bro was scheduled to appear at an event presented by fellow monster and Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos. However, some rowdy protesters that showed up had something else in mind for the evening. The ensuing commotion resulted in the whole thing being canceled, but not before the smarmy millionaire and infamous Wu-Tang Clan fan got pelted with a turd. Shkreli can be seen wiping his cheek immediately after, but we all know there’s no getting rid of the stink that is his dead soul.

Check out video below, followed by footage of the protests (via SFist).

In related news, that evening Shkreli spoke to the media about feminism and having read “Stein, Woolf, Wollstonecraft” during his college years, which is incredibly rich considering he’d recently been suspended from Twitter after allegedly harassing Teen Vogue journalist and all-around writer hero Lauren Duca. Cool story, bro, tell it again. Find a clip of that ridiculousness below.