Tim Heidecker wrote a song about Richard Spencer getting punched in the face — listen

We have little sympathy for the White nationalist

    Photo by Philip Cosores

    If you’re looking for proof that the candidacy and election of President Donald Trump has begun to legitimize a dangerous wing of the alt-right, meet Richard Spencer. An avowed White nationalist who famously declared “Hail Trump!” during a Trump victory rally and later called for a “peaceful ethnic cleansing” of the US, Spencer’s is a name no one would have ever heard of if it weren’t for our current POTUS’s rhetoric during the campaign. His has become a face that represents the alt-right’s most loathsome qualities — so perhaps it was no surprise when he got punched in the head during a live TV interview on inauguration day.

    Now, no one should be promoting violence, but it’s not hard to understand why this unknown assailant took at swing at this well-known racist. Which is exactly what Tim Heidecker sings about on his new song “Richard Spencer”. A warm and comforting piano ballad, the song finds Heidecker admitting that, “You can’t wish anyone dead/ Even if the baseball cap is red,” only to couch that statement with, “But if you see Richard Spencer/ Why don’t you punch him in the head.” After all, “ain’t no one gonna cry” if you give him “a big black eye.”

    Take a listen below.


    Heidecker previously got into the political comedy music ring with his track “Trump’s Pilot”, and he’s scheduled to contribute to the Our First 100 Days subscription compilation.