Chicago’s iconic music venue Double Door evicted after 23 years of business

Kanye West, Smashing Pumpkins, Rolling Stones, and many more graced its stage


    It’s a sad day for the Chicago music scene: Double Door has officially closed its doors.

    On Monday morning, a Cook County sheriff placed a “No Trespassing” sign on the door of the iconic Wicker Park venue, and a locksmith changed its locks shortly after, according to DNAinfo Chicago.

    The unfortunate news follows a bitter legal battle between co-owner Sean Mulroney and landlord Brian Strauss. Back in November 2015, Strauss began eviction proceedings after claiming Double Door’s owners had failed to give him 180 days written notice, per their lease terms, as to whether they were going to remain at the venue past its Oct. 31, 2015 expiration.

    Last August, Circuit Court Judge Orville Hambright Jr. made it official by declaring that the club owners must hand in their keys to Strauss by Dec 31st, 2016. However, by November, a Cook County Circuit Court ruling allowed the Double Door to stay open past the expiration date, or at least until the appeal rights were finally exhausted.


    According to Strauss’ lawyer James McKay, the venue had actually worked out a deal to stray through June, but Mulroney had failed to pay a portion of the $468,000 appeal bond ordered by Cook County circuit court Judge Orville Hambright, Jr. on October 31, 2016.

    “Here we are on the 6th of February, the sheriffs out there. Brian and the Strauss family did everything right and legal and went through the court system. Double Door just decided to follow their own rules. If anybody is upset that Double Door is being evicted, they have nobody to blame but the owners of Double Door,” McKay told DNAinfo Chicago.

    So, it would appear that after 23 years of historical shows and moments — from Kanye West to Rolling Stones to Smashing Pumpkins to an appearance in High Fidelity — the Double Door finally says good bye to Wicker Park. On the plus side, Mulroney and co-owner Joe Shanahan have been trying to move the Double Door to Logan Square.


    As of press time, it’s unclear what will happen to the remaining shows on the venue’s calendar.


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